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Visual Analysis and Communications Lab (VACLab)

Currently, I am advised by Dr. David Gotz at the VACLab @ UNC Chapel Hill. Our team is working on re-imagining exploratory analysis of data by designing and developing visual analytical tools to minimize threats to validity in high-dimensional data analysis.

Computational Journalism Lab

Advised by Dr. Nickholas Diakopoulos ,and in collaboration with the Washington Post,  I built machine learning models on highly imbalanced data to analyze user's interaction with commenting systems on the Washington Post's website in order to understand the business value proposition offered by commenting systems to digital media organizations. 

Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2)

Advised by Dr. Michel Cukier, I designed and developed application prototypes to conduct experiments to examine the impact of personality and visual aesthetics on the perception of reputation of mobile applications. Additionally, I worked on performing content analysis and co-authoring a paper on inferences from victims of phishing behavior in educational settings. I also helped organize 3 STEM based summer educational camps for middle-school and high-school girls to introduce them to cybersecurity as a viable career option. 

Open Knowledge Lab

Advised by Dr. Andrea Wiggins, I explored user behavior in the realm of citizen science. I extracted and analyzed social media data to understand behavioral patterns of citizen scientists. I also collaborated with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center to understand the factors contributing to long-term volunteering in citizen science projects.